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Maximum buildings increase the limit on how many buildings, military units or bases you have in play. They only work on the map they are on.
If they are destroyed by an attack you can recover them for only 1 gold apiece. How many you can recover you can see here:

Maximum buildings can be restored for 1 gold if they are destroyed:
↪ If you lose a base in battle, who had eg. a base command, then you can rebuild the base command on another base for the reduced price of 1 gold.
↪ If the restored maximum building is destroyed again, you can restore it again for 1 gold elsewhere.
↪ Maximum buildings are therefore more expensive only in their first purchase.

Attention: If you get above the maximum, you cannot produce and build anymore.

The military points of the units that are under construction are also counted (so that you will not get over the military point maximum too much after completion (especially when building with multiple bases) and to get better estimation of the military points after construction)

Power Plant
↪ Power plants increase the energy maximum on the map
↪ If you have too few power plants, the storage capacity is 10x smaller. No more buildings (except maximum buildings) can be built anymore.
↪ The following buildings consume energy points:
- Concrete factory: 5 per level
- Steel plant: 7 per level
- Aluminum factory: 9 per level
- Oil refinery: 11 per level
- Flak: 9 each

Military Central
↪ Military centrals increase the military maximum on the map
↪ If you have too few military centers, you can not build and produce any more and cannot use highway anymore and the storage capacity is 10x smaller. Solution: Build more military centrals or sent your troops into battle to lose MP. If the military centrals of all of your bases are on maximum you can conquer more bases to build more military centrals

Base Command
↪ Base commands increase the base maximum on the map
↪ If you have too few base commands you cannot use highway and cannot build (except maximum buildings) and the storage capacity is 10x smaller. | Combat Siege | Real Time Strategy Game | (C) DITOGAMES | Impressum