Combat Siege
Play the Game

- check out that your graphic driver is correctly installed (if not the performance can be much lower)

- recommended browser: Chrome

- Use Landline internet connection (because mobile Internet has more delays and disconnections)

- Desktop computers usually have better performance than laptops. Smartphones have the worst performance. Therefore, it is recommended to use an actual device, e.g. iPhone6

- Sometimes it helps just to close the browser and restart it

- Check other programs or browser plugins disturb the system (eg. adware)

- Turn off Windows Aero and use Windows Classic style (the Aero design is very resource hungry)

- Turn off sound effects

- disable Chat in the Setup menu

- If your system is very slow, try to lower your screen resolution or the size of the browser window. (so the computer have to render less pixels)

- Check if many programs are running and slowing down your system. end unnecessary programs, or browser tabs

- Try to restart your computer

- Don't use browser zoom, specially not under 100%, because your computer have to render more pixel

- Opera browser: deactivate mouse gestures in Opera to use the right mouse key for scrolling | Combat Siege | Real Time Strategy Game | (C) DITOGAMES | Impressum